Eight Years and One Churrascaria Later

So, I try to post at least once a week but lately things have slipped by me. For better or worse, I’ve been quite the busy bee these days.

I can’t believe eight years have passed since my first year of college. I’d like to think it wasn’t long ago, especially since I don’t feel like I’ve done too much with my life since then. Maybe I’m exaggerating about that last part. April 18th marks an important day for me as it was the 8th anniversary since the boyfriend and I first held hands. Perhaps that’s overwhelmingly and disgustingly cute, but what can you expect from a dorm couple who’s still hanging in there? It gets weirder when I say that it was Chris’s roommate who declared that the day of our anniversary. It’s been a fun eight years and I hope for many more. But really, who wants to hear about that nonsense?

We celebrated this year at Espetus, a churrascaria (otherwise known as a Brazilian steakhouse). I’ve never gone to a churrascaria before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. In all honesty, I was expecting something along the lines of the smoky barbeque house of any all you can eat Korean barbeque joint. But alas, it was quite a different experience.

Espetus Appetizers

The meal started with an assortment of appetizers. We were presented with cheese bread, fried polenta, fried bananas, and empanadas. We devoured the empanadas. I tried not to eat too much of the cheese bread, but really, I couldn’t resist. Loved the fried bananas. Actually, the polenta was great too. I could have had a great meal just from these appetizers, but there was more.

Our next stop was the salad bar and buffett. I tried not to spend too much time there as I wanted to spend more time with the meat. However,  did try a Portugese sausage and pork dish and some basque salad.

But one doesn’t go to a churrascaria to eat buffet or appetizers. No, no, no. I have had my fair share of AYCE establishments from my aforementioned Korean roots. So while I did not think the task would be easy, I also thought the idea of sampling all of the meat selection would be too difficult. Hah. I surely had much to learn. In spite of the many breaks we took to catch our breath, we did not even make it through their entire selection. It is quite the experience. The food was wonderful, though. Although I was not disappointed with any of the meat I tried, my favorites were probably the pork loin and the sirloin steak. I also loved the grilled pineapple.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get great pictures of the key part of the meal. I have a few, but you’ll have to put up with my messy plate. But we’ll have to make do.

1. Chicken

2. Pork Loin

3. Sirloin Steak

4. Grilled Shrimp

5.  Lamb

6. Flap Steak

7. Rib Steak

8. Filet Mignon

Not pictured because the picture is not good

9. Linguica

10. Pork Tenderloin in Parmesan Sauce

All in all, it was a great meal and a perfect way to celebrate. So thanks Chris and happy 8 years!


5 responses

  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The food was good too 😉


        ok, I’m done.

  2. Now that I’ve had my little outburst,
    1. Love you two!
    2. I’ve said this before, and as creepy as it sounds, I’m still going to say it again: “Chris- I love your eyelashes.”
    3. Churrascaria is all other ayces on steroids. The meats are cooked so well & are mouth-wateringly (that’s not a word huh?) tasty, but are also SO heavy! I go to Rei de(l) Gado in SD and a trick I’ve learned is not to each too much of the 1st few meats they serve you, b/c the best (& most expensive) ones come towards the end!

    1. Haha I love that you have a strategy. I should have bypassed the salad bar all together, but I thought I’d need some fiber. We had to take so many breaks towards the end. The sirloin steak was so good. I wish I had room for more of it. The only one I really got seconds of was the grilled pineapple.

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