Gilroy Garlic Festival

I went to the Gilroy Garlic Festival last week. After years of living in the Bay Area, you’d think I would have made it out there before now, but I haven’t. There was always some sort of excuse to miss it.



I’m glad I finally went. The event has all of the community charm of a county fair minus the crazy fried foods and farm animal smells. Instead, you’re left with garlic. So. Much Garlic.

The other side shows how much money the festival has raised for charities over the years.

The other side shows how much money the festival has raised for charities over the years.

We had garlic fries…

Garlic Fries

Garlic bread, garlic sausage sandwich, and garlic scampi….

Garlic Garlic GarlicGarlic chocolate…

No, seriously

No, seriously

Garlic ice cream…

garlic ice cream

Yes, we had the famous garlic ice cream. I didn’t get a picture because it looked exactly like ice cream. This is one of the more famous garlic-related items of the fair. The more famous booth is the free garlic soft serve booth. There’s another paid booth on the other side of the festival. That’s the one we had stumbled upon first. The line was significantly shorter and had more flavors. We got chocolate pecan and it was delicious. The garlic flavor was pretty subtle too. A lot more subtle than the garlic in the chocolate, that’s for sure.

The meal plate pictured above was the main meal offered by the festival. It was pretty good, but I wished that we hadn’t jumped to that first. There were so many other  vendors selling other interesting garlic-related foods.

crabgarlic fries



In addition to all the garlic, there were a number of craft and art booths, carnival rides, cooking lessons, even some live shows. It was an all-around adventure.



The garlic bread line.

Behind the scenes in the garlic bread line.

All in all, the event was a lot of fun. It’s not something that I could see myself going to every year, or even every other year, for that matter. It was a cooler day than usual, but was still hot. I could imagine that it could get downright hellish on the warmer weekends. The traffic getting in was also pretty intense. Even so, the event is fun to go to at least once in every garlic fan’s life for the novelty, if anything else.



2 responses

  1. Omg the fries the fries
    I’ll have to do this once just to say I’ve done it. And lovely pictures by the way! Post more food!

    1. I’ll do what I can. Need to be in more foodie situations with the fancy toy.

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