Hiking Crystal Cove (5/4)

Too lazy to post this twice 🙂

Run Plahr, Run!

Long ago, in the days in which I called Orange County my stomping grounds, the group of us had vowed to start hiking more. This lasted about a hike and a half. I say half because one hike consisted of us driving to a trail that was closed and then looking at animals. The goal was to eventually hike around Crystal Cove and that never actually happened.

Should I be jealous? Should I be jealous?

Well, it never happened. Not until this past weekend, a good six years later. It was a fun hike. The initial idea was to avoid getting sand in our shoes and just walk along the cliffs, but that got old fast. Besides, what’s more Orange County than hanging out at the beach? Going to the mall, I guess, but we did that the night before.

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