A Pirate Looks at 30

I told myself that I would blog more, so why not start as I sit here during the last hours of my 20s?

A year ago, it seemed like such a big deal to close out this decade. I was kind of dreading it. I guess it will still be weird facing a new decade.

I thought I’d make a bucket list for 30. I didn’t really. There was a lot more activity in my life this year. A lot of running, a lot of hiking, etc. It’s been a good year for that, and I foresee more in the future.

I didn’t write the great American novel before I turned 30 but I’m okay with that. There are things I would have to have done by now, but I feel like I’m on track with life overall. Traveled to a lot of places. Got a lot of things done and I have time to do a lot more.

So here’s to 30 and another fun decade!


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