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On Fantasy Sports

I spent a large part of my evening assembling my Euro Cup Fantasy Team. It’s an exhausting process. If my MLS experience was any indication, I’m sure that between now and June 8th, I am going to be changing this lineup as much as I possibly can when I still have unlimited transfers. We’ll see. But with this around the corner and the MLS season in full swing, I’m slowly starting to learn all of the games this fantasy sports business does with your head.

For a large part of my life, I’ve had a serious aversion to all things sports. Being half-Italian, soccer has always kind of been in my blood, but it wasn’t something I followed seriously until after World Cup 2006. Nor was it something I was at all fanatical about until the last few years. Something changed in the last few years and while I have no desire to turn to American football or any other similar sport, I now understand the painfully delightful thrill of being a sports fan.

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Gossip Girl rant

Fine, I watch Gossip Girl. I’m not particularly proud to say it, but watching the DVD of the first season got me through the first week of law school and now that I’m five seasons in, the geek in me has to see it all the way through. I’m doing that with The Office, which actually does have its moments, and yes, I did that with Heroes.

This past week’s episode was especially bad.  To understand my rant, understand the basics of the story arc. Blair, who is one of the main characters, has been engaged to Unlikable Prince. She was pregnant with his kid for a while. Then, she decided again that she really loves her on again off again Chuck and is about to run off with him. In the process, they get chased by the paparazzi and get into an accident. She loses the baby and almost loses Chuck. In desperation, she prays and says that she would stay with Unlikable Prince if it means that Chuck lives. As soon as she says that, a nurse comes in and says that Chuck is alive. Now, she thinks that as long as she marries Unlikable Prince, Chuck won’t get hurt.

Okay. What annoys me is that Blair for most of the series strives to become a very powerful woman. She’s incredibly intelligent and not just academically. She’s a girl who knows what she wants and how to get what she wants. Just last season, she was offered a full time job with some big fashion magazine while she was still at Columbia. She eventually realized she couldn’t do both full time. Fine. I can understand that. But for whatever reason, this meant that she had to drop both. Do the kids even go to school anymore? She’s just been generally blobby this entire season.  It’s mostly just disappointing to see someone with so much potential take such a big step backwards. You know it’s bad when characters from Jersey Shore have had more development and maturity than Blair.

Also, I feel like a decent priest when told about the situation would have somewhat more respect for marriage than to encourage Blair to get married to some guy to save someone else. I don’t know.

In any case, this show probably should not warrant a 400 word rant about it. It’s not that great of a show. It used to be fun, but it’s gone the way of most similar series and has just gotten snively and melodramatic. It’s sad too because Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick are actually kind of talented and it feels wasted. I miss Jenny and Georgina.