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Noisette (SF)

When I started this blog, I set out to write primarily about food and music. Several years passed, the interests that inspired me tended to change, and, well, I started writing about anything I felt like writing about. Leave it to Noise Pop to create an event that brings me back to my focus. Noisette, which was held at Public Works in San Francisco last Saturday, was an event dedicated to sampling food prepared by some of the city’s finest chefs while listening to great music. Really, who could ask for more? For the price of the regular admission, you were given a punch card to sample nine dishes, all while listening to music or drinking to your heart’s content.

Unfortunately, my arrival to San Francisco was slightly delayed so my partner in crime and I did not make it to the event until about an hour into the event. For the food, this wasn’t a problem as the plates were being served throughout the event. We did miss the first performance, however.

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My belated New Pornos post

It appears that I have abandoned this blog once again. Things got hectic for a while. They still are, but school’s almost back in session, so my level of procrastination will be on the rise. Anyway, I guess it’s been almost a month since I saw the New Pornographers and The Dodos. I actually meant to post and have had a pretty lengthy draft sitting around, but it just never happened.

What can I say about that show now? To be honest, I’ve forgotten many of the details, but man are they good live.

I missed the opening act and came just in time to see The Dodos. The only other time that I had seen The Dodos was when I went to their free show at Amoeba earlier this year. Their vocals kind of sounded muffled live at first. It was the same thing at Amoeba, but I just blamed it on bad acoustics then.  Nevertheless, they sounded great and put on a pretty solid show.  Played a lot of my favorites in their 45 minute set.  Neko Case even came out and sang Walking (I think?) with them.  I also ended up talking to this sweet, but drunk girl next to me.  She was very nice, but she ended up talking to me during the second half of their set.  I therefore missed them play a lot of my favorite songs. It’s nice meeting new people at shows, but GAAAH the Dodos!

Neko! Unfortunately, this was the least blurry picture I got of her at all during the show. She’s so amazing live! I want to see one of her solo shows so bad now!

The New Pornographers were next.

Okay, I have a confession to make.  I have been a fan of the band for quite some time.  I own all of their albums and listen to them semi-regularly.  Nevertheless, I know the lyrics to one of their songs at best. I don’t know how or why this happened, but it is kind of a depressing realization to come to during a live show.

They’re also quite a large band. The last time I’ve seen three guitarists of the same band perform together on stage may actually have been back in the old Phantom Planet days (circa 2004).

Also, they’re a fairly well-known and well-established band that has been together for an incredibly long time. Why, then, were they SO AWKWARD between songs? They mumbled and giggled among themselves. It was so strange.

Apart from that, the band was amazing live. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to see them.

A return after a long absence (and bad iPhone quality photos)

It appears that I have disappeared for quite some time. There are a lot of things that I can blame it on:

For one, I started this blog as a way to procrastinate during finals.

It didn’t help that the last month of the World Cup that took over my life and my wallet:

(This would be in front of the Civic Center in SF at 7 am to see US beat Algeria. What a moment!!)

I have so many pictures from the last month of places we watched the games, of the family looking absolutely distressed while watching some of the games and of me being totally Team U.S.A

If only we had beaten Ghana …*lesigh*

Nevertheless, this is not a soccer/football blog, so let’s move on.

What else have I been up to? Journal stuff. That’s been keeping me busy. Been grading an endless stack of paper.  I need to do something with the epic bag of writing competition entries that cover my room.  I’m actually writing this post because I don’t want to finish grading this one paper. Home stretch! Ahh.

Been interning at Creative Commons, which has been a fantastic experience so far. I’ve been inspired to CC license this eventually (once I get to it).

Went on a family trip on a cruise and to Florida to be at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter on the opening weekend. We went on the second day, so we had the pleasure of missing out on the six hour lines.  It was still hella packed, hot and miserable.  The rest of the park, as a result, was pretty empty though.

My brother, Gianni, received his B.S. and graduated from UCSD.

Became Yelp Elite shortly after finals were over. I guess all of that procrastination Yelping paid off.  Made it into one of those Yelp Elite parties too..

(It was a Monopoly-themed event)

On the food front, I’ve been on a diet. In theory, at least. The end result is that I haven’t been a crazy foodie this summer.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  Due to the fact that I’m interning with some serious foodies, we always end up eating out for lunch.  Cruises and family vacations, grad parties, World Cup parties and the like do not make for good dieting.  In fact, neither do pillow cookies (a la Bakerella).  Just in case you do not realize what this epic and giant cookie is, it is a cookie with a brownie in the middle. We made a batch after watching the World Cup final on Sunday. We had a lot of leftover batter and didn’t want to actually make more cookies, so we made one giant one.  That’s not a small plate, by the way. It’s currently sitting at home waiting for me to come home for the weekend and consume it.  Anyway, the cookies were good, but they are a work in progress for sure.  This time around, I just went with the generic brownie mix from Nob Hill (with some chocolate chips thrown into it) and some Oatmeal Chocolate Chip mix.  Maybe I’ll make everything from scratch one day.

Have been attending my share of summer shows, too. I kicked off the summer with She & Him.  It was a great show.  I didn’t expect Zooey’s voice to be that great live.  Not enough M. Ward though.  I ❤ him.

(Those blurry figures would be the band)

This Saturday, I saw Sir Paul McCartney.  I still can’t quite shake off the fact that I saw one of the two remaining Beatles performing Beatles songs. It was so epic. I was also impressed with the fact that he played an incredibly long set.

(That small dot would be Sir Paul)

Last night, I saw Miggs. A great set, but I won’t get into it because they’re the reason I’m reviving this blog. I want to do the next post about them.

Aaand on Sunday, I’ve got the New Pornos and The Dodos.

Pretty fun concert calendar, but I am getting rid of any indie cred I might have possibly had by seeing Michael Buble with my mom at the end of the summer.  I hope that can be offset by the Treasure Island Music Festival tickets I will be buying come Friday. Going to the Sunday show.  I’d love to go to both, but as a law student, I do not have the time, money, or energy.  Belle & Sebastian!!

Upcoming Shows

I have two summer shows to look forward to so far, maybe even three. I’ve had tickets for one for a couple of months now, but have been holding off on confirming until I knew I was working in the Bay Area this summer.  The other was a similar set up.  Didn’t want to get them until I knew which side of the state I’d be on.  I’ve had a pretty dry run this school year as far as live shows go.  The last one was Foreign Born during Noise Pop.  This semester has been far too busy to even think about anything otherwise, but there were quite a few the last few weeks that I am kind of sad I missed (Beach House, Vampire Weekend, Love Is All, The Antlers, etc.).

She & Him

Going to see She & Him at the Fox Theater in Oakland on May 29.  My uncle bought tickets for this a while back, but I am still totally excited.  I love Zooey Deschanel and I’ve been totally obsessed with M. Ward for a while now (would love to see just Him one time, but I’ll save that for another day).  Volume Two was even more disgustingly adorable than Volume One. All in all, I’m pretty excited.

New Pornographers and the Dodos

I have wanted to see the New Pornographers for a long, long time.  One of those bands where I’ve had plenty of near misses.  So glad that I’m finally going to see them.  I heard the preview of the new album on NPR last week and am so excited for the release.  I saw the Dodos do a live show at Amoeba in September (or was it October?), but I don’t know how much that actually counts.  Seeing them perform together is going to be quite awesome.

Cold War Kids (?)

Third show may be Cold War Kids.  They’re playing Music in the Park this year, but I also am going to be in SF, so we’ll see how that goes.  It’s on a Thursday as are all other Music in the Park shows.  I think it depends on my mood when the time rolls around, but even the boyfriend said he’s interested in going and getting him to go to shows is kind of a rarity.  I’ve really wanted to see these guys, though, so if I can go I’ll be quite happy.